Arborcraft Solutions provide training for the Arboriculture and Forestry industries. We run a variety of arborist training courses such as chainsaw courses, forestry courses e.t.c.

We also provide a complete treecare service to the general public and offers technical and operational support to the trees and timber industry.


27th July 2020


£345 plus VAT

29th July 2020


£425 plus VAT


£745 plus VAT

Training Courses

Arborcraft Solutions run a variety of arborist training such as chainsaw courses, forestry courses e.t.c. These are aimed at individuals working within or looking to seek employment within the trees and timber sector. However many of the courses are relevant to other land based and construction operations and learners from these sectors are also welcomed.

The training centre is located in the Vale of Glamorgan on a large estate with access to diverse work sites and woodlands.

A consultancy service is offered to identify training needs within companies and organisations resulting in the production of a skills audit and training plan. As part of this service assistance and advice is available on the identification and securing of grant aid.

Working with partner organisations Arborcraft Solutions can provide a complete training service for the arboricultural / forestry contractor.

All learners receive a Certificate of Training and most courses lead to assessment for nationally and internationally recognised qualifications from Awarding Bodies such as City & Guilds NPTC, IPAF, HSE and LANTRA.


You may be eligible for funding from Focus Forestry First. For more information please visit the FFF website

Our Courses

Some of our more popular courses are detailed below. If you require training that is not listed here, please call on 07879897708.

Prices include the use of equipment and fuel. Unless otherwise stated, assessment and registration fees are also included. Learners are required to provide Personal Protective Equipment (protective clothing).

Special discounts are available for trainees purchasing this equipment.

Chainsaw Courses

Our range of chainsaw and tree care courses prepare learners for independent City and Guilds NPTC assessments.

Chainsaw Maintenance and Crosscutting (Formerly CS30)

This 2 day course is the pre-requisite for all other chainsaw qualifications. Course content includes risk assessment, safety precautions, daily and routine maintenance, sharpening, safe operation of the saw, cross cutting and stacking.

  • £345 plus VAT

Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm (Formerly CS31)

This 3 day course covers the felling of trees, normally in a woodland or forest setting. It includes preparation of site and equipment, legislation, felling of upright front and back leaning trees and the safe takedown of hung up trees.

  • £475 plus VAT

Maintenance, Crosscutting and Felling Combined Course (CS30 & CS31)

This 5 day course combines the two courses above.

  • £745 plus VAT

Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm (Formerly CS32)

This 3 day course covers the felling of larger trees, usually in a woodland or forest setting. It includes preparation of site and equipment, legislation, felling of upright, front and back leaning trees and the safe takedown of hung up trees using a winch.

  • £425 plus VAT

Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (Formerly CS38)

This course is delivered over 7 days. We feel this allows time for learners to practice and gain the confidence required to enter into the workplace with new skills. Course content includes risk assessment, legislation, equipment selection, ascent and climbing methods, work positioning, some tree identification and a range of rescue scenarios. This course is the pre requisite for further aerial qualifications.

  • £800 plus VAT

Aerial Chainsaw use for Free Fall Cutting (Formerly CS39)

This 2 day course (may be extended to 3 for less experienced climbers) covers the use of a chainsaw from rope and harness. Learners are coached in work positioning, safe handling and use of a chainsaw in the tree and a range of free fall and hand held cutting techniques.

  • £295 plus VAT

Aerial Tree Pruning (Formerly CS40)

This 2 day course covers the aerial pruning of trees using a chainsaw and other hand tools. Course content includes pruning methods and techniques, work positioning and tool selection.

  • £295 plus VAT

Combined Climbing Course

Delivered over 10 days, this course combines tree climbing, use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness and aerial tree pruning. Learners will be prepared for assesment in the 3 corresponding units (formally CS38, 39 and 40).

  • £1250 plus VAT

Aerial Tree Rigging

This 5 day course is suitable for ground workers and experienced climbers. Course content includes Legislation, planning of rigging techniques and equipment, estimating the weight of sections and forces generated, lowering and lifting of sections, speedlines and management of the worksite. Climbers will be prepared for assesment in Aerial Tree Rigging (formally CS41). Ground workers will be prepared for assessments in supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off Groung Tree Related Operations (formally CS45).

  • £645 plus VAT

Other Courses


This course is delivered over 1 or 2 days depending on the experience of the learners.

  • Contact for price

Pesticides PA1 & 6

Delivered over 3 days, this course covers the basic pesticides unit and the application of pesticides using knapsack sprayer. NPTC assessments held on completion of course.

  • Contact for price

IPAF Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Covering the safe operation of MEWP. Training and certification for two categories of machines can be accommodated per day. Categories are as follows: 1a Static Verticle, 1b (trailer, truck or track mounted), 3a Mobile Verticle (scissor lift) and 3b Mobile Boom.

  • £250 plus VAT

Brushwood Chipper

This one day course covers the maintenance and safe use of manually fed brushwood chippers.

  • £160 plus VAT

Stump Grinder

A one day course covering the maintenance and safe use of stump grinding equipment.

  • £160 plus VAT

Arboricultural Contracting

Arboriculture is the establishment and management of trees in relation to their environment and our range of services reflects this.

For over 10 years Arborcraft has provided a reliable and professional tree care service to private and corporate clients.

A no-obligation free site visit and quality advice based on sound arboricultural knowledge is provided for each job along with a formal quotation and method statement if required.

Applications for work on trees covered by Preservation Orders or Conservation Areas is provided free of charge to clients hiring our services.

All waste is recycled - chipped on site or transported to an approved green waste recycling depot.

Our services include:

Planting and Aftercare

Following selection and planting, after care is essential to the establishment and development of a healthy tree. This includes watering , weeding, monitoring of support systems and formative pruning.


Pruning can include the removal of dead and crossing branches or the removal / reduction of branches creating a nuisance, obstruction or hazard. Pruning operations should be planned to minimise harm to the tree and ensure a tree's health and development.


The installation of a bracing system can support weak or damaged branch / stem unions as an alternative to the removal of large branches or the entire tree.

Hedge maintenance

Establishment, trimming and reduction.

Felling and dismantling

Trees in close proximity to buildings, highways or other obstructions are safely dismantled using lowering systems for branch / stem sections where necessary. It may be necessary to employ specialised equipment such as cranes or platforms depending on the condition and position of the tree to be removed.

Stump removal

The removal of stumps by grinding, winching or excavation depending on site conditions and requirements.

Customer Reviews

if anybody is considering doing any tree climbing qualifications in wales or the south west, i've just finished my CS 38,39,40, training with ARBORCRAFT SOLUTIONS in Cardiff, the course covered the training for tree climbing and aerial rescue cs38, then onto chainsaw from rope and harness cs 39, and finally to finish off aerial pruning from rope and harness cs 40. The course is run from a fantastic woodland environment with some nice big oak, beech and sycamore tree's to practice on, Andrew Dowden the Instructor puts plenty of humor into this teaching and shares all his experiences.
He is very passionate about what he deliveries to the course, when you think your at your limit, Andrew will take you several steps further and that feeling of achievement was brilliant.
It was an excellent resourced course and we covered lots of different climbing techniques etc, doing and learning a lot more than just enough to get through the assessment, Arborcraft solutions do all sorts of Arb training, cs 30,31,32, all the climbing and rigging courses etc, plus wood chipper and brushcutter, i'm looking forward to getting a year or two climbing in before I go back for my rigging course cs41

John Andrews, AMMANDFORD


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